Saturday, May 28, 2011

Had to draw my weapon tonight.

Still a little jittery as this happened at ~11:30

After leaving my buddy's bachelor party and rearming (I was not drinking but they served alcohol there) I was heading home and suddenly had to use a restroom.
I stopped at a BP walked in asked for the restroom key. The older lady working the register gave me the key after i returned the key we both said have a nice holiday and I exited the store, just as I was about to enter my car a man that i saw getting ready to enter the store veered from his path to the door and headed to my car and was attempting to get in the passenger side door. I yelled for him to leave me and my car alone. He proceeded to start walking around the front of the car and pulled a kitchen steak knife and told me to give him the keys. I drew my weapon told him to leave me alone, at he immediately turned and ran away. The nice lady at the register saw this go down and that it was on camera, and said she was calling 911 and to just go. I left and headed home.

Glad I was armed.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Walter had to inform the officer...

Walter went through a stop sign, and got pulled over. Walter handed the cop his driver's license, insurance verification, plus his concealed carry permit.

"Okay, Walter," the cop said, "I see your CHL permit. Are you carrying today?"

"Yes, I am." Said Wlater

"Can you please tell me where your firearm is?"

Walter says "Well, I got a .357 revolver in my inside coat pocket, I have a 9 mm Glock in the glove box, and a .22 magnum derringer in my right boot."

"Okay," the cop said. "Anything else?"

"Yeah, back in the trunk there's an AR-15, and a 12 gague, I think that's all of them."

"Walter, are you on your way to or from a gun range?" asks the officer.

Walter replies, "Nope."

"Well then, what are you afraid of?" asks the officer

Walter replies with all seriousness,

Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Amish with a 'tude you know that's unheard of...

Man admits trying to rob Amish couple Too bad he didn't run into the old guys in the picture! I bet you he figured that Amish are unarmed, normally carry cash, and don't have phones making them an easy target. The funny part is he didn't even get anything other than jail time out of this incident. He should have been kicked by the horse, that would have given this story a happy ending!

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First un-Official Open Carry Day!

This Blogger is starting a trend. "Hey, a couple of friends and I are planning on doing nothing of note on Sunday, June 5th. There may even be t-shirts to commemorate this somewhat trivial nonevent.

Want to join us?* (Of course, if you're in my area, hit me up - maybe we can be unremarkable together!)

*Open carry only if you can, legally. Also, bonus points** if you email me photo evidence!

** bragging rights and the sweet, sweet taste of freedom are the only prizes that will be awarded. Maybe. Or at least until I can come up with something better (highly unlikely) "

I like this idea and will be OCing on this day.

Anyone want to OC with me? I'll bring the non-alcoholic beverages!!!

Facebook Event info:!/event.php?eid=176840315704098

Friday, May 20, 2011

Have respect

An old prospector shuffled into town leading a tired old mule. The old man headed straight for the only saloon to clear his parched throat.

He walked up and tied his old mule to the hitch rail. As he stood there brushing some of the dust from his face and clothes, a young gunslinger stepped out of the saloon with a gun in one hand and a bottle of whiskey in the other.

The young gunslinger looked at the old man and laughed, saying, "Hey old man, have you ever danced?"

The old man looked up at the gunslinger and said, "No, I never did dance... never really wanted to."

A crowd had gathered as the gunslinger grinned and said, "Well you old fool, you're gonna dance now," and started shooting at the old man's feet.

The old prospector --not wanting to get a toe blown off-- started hopping around like a flea on a hot skillet. Everybody was laughing, fit to be tied.

When his last bullet had been fired, the young gunslinger, still laughing, holstered his gun and turned around to go back into the saloon.

The old man turned to his pack mule, pulled out a double-barreled shotgun, and cocked both hammers.

The loud clicks carried clearly through the desert air.

The crowd stopped laughing immediately.

The young gunslinger heard the sounds too and he turned around very slowly. The silence was almost deafening. The crowd watched as the young gunman stared at the old timer and the large gaping holes of those twin barrels.

The barrels of the shotgun never wavered in the old man's hands, as he quietly said, "Son, have you ever licked a mule's butt?" The gunslinger swallowed hard and said, "No sir.... but.... I've always wanted to."

There are a few lessons for us all here:

-Never be arrogant.
-Don't waste ammunition.
-Whiskey makes you think you're smarter than you are.
-Don't mess with old men, they didn't get old by being stupid.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Why are people wasting electricity and paper on stupid articles like this???
This is not news it is a waste of breath everyone in the article says guns and alcohol don't mix. Well NO SHIT! These morons should read before they speak. The one owner says “If the law passes, we will continue to do whatever it takes to prevent people bring bringing weapons into our facility” well dumbass print off a sign and post it at the door.

They all need to read Choose wisely, for while one group will bring you profits, the other may try to rob you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Choose wisely, for while one group will bring you profits, the other may try to rob you.

Put yourself in these shoes:
It is now legal for a person with a concealed handgun licenseto carry a firearm in an establishment which has a "D" permit as long as they are not consuming alcohol or under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
You own an establishment that serves alcohol be it a bar/restaurant/nightclub.
You get to choose which group will spend their money at your establishment.
Choose wisely, for while one group will bring you profits, the other may try to rob you.

This is what you know about each groups and applies to every person in the group:

Group number one:
- legal US citizens
- has voluntarily submitted to and passed a background check
- no warrants for their arrest
- never been convicted of, or plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense of violence, charge of domestic violence or any similar offense
- has never been found mentally incompetent or defective
- never been committed to a mental institution
- does not have a temporary or permanent protection order filed against them
- never been convicted of or plead guilty to drug possession, use, or sale

Group number two:
- has the same amount of people in it as group one.

If you put this sign on your door you are automatically saying you prefer group two because most people from group one will pass your business by.
No guns allowed

If you own any establishment please do not post because, “No Firearms” signs actually create a more dangerous environment, most armed consumers encourage their friends and families to avoid businesses that prohibit the lawful carry of defensive firearms on their premises for their safety. Businesses that post “No Firearms” signs get entered into the Do Not Patronize While Armed Database to inform all Ohioans. Studies show that banning legal firearms actually increases the risk of violent crime. Many criminals already intent on committing robbery and assault will target places with “No Firearms” signs because they know no one will be able to stop them. Such a sign only prohibits law-abiding citizens, from being equipped to defend themselves.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Where are the Wild West shootouts?

In this report one CHL-holder showed incredible control, choosing not to fire back even when he and his son had been fired upon by a shotgun. I would have been blocking my son with my body and seeking cover. If it was birdshot a car door would be sufficient if it's a slug then all bets are off. I'm not sure if I would have returned fire or acted as this father did. I'm glad to see the homeowner had charges brought upon him. I have a question for the antis, Where are the Wild West shootouts? I see none of this anywhere in the country. I would love to see more stories on the news with happy endings such as this story had. These are the stories we need to get on the 11:00 news, not the ones where some criminal shoots the clerk at the local stop-n-rob!

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Clevelanders are going to need to start being more alert!

Since Cleveland is going to be permanently laying off 81 police, Police patrols will be reduced in all districts beginning June 1st, and 42 cadets in the Police Academy will not be hired, Clevelanders are going to need to start being more alert! I know I will be more alert than usual next month. I love how cleveland is all for gun control but now they have layoffs announced. 123 officers less than what Cleveland really should have. Did Mayor Jackson give himself a paycut? Of course not! Vote him out next chance you get, get some young blood in there. Jackson is blaming this on the Governer, I think he's wrong. Cleveland needs to worry less about fighting for gun control and wasting tax dollars on that and more about fixing the roads and fighting the crime that is plaguing the city! Your best bet if you can is to avoid Cleveland.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Give 'em the boot!

Here is how the votes break down for HB45.

If your Rep. voted yes, thank them and vote for them next time.

If your Rep. voted no, let them know how you feel and give'em the boot!

This bill showed us who is really with us and who the Lundy liars are.
The following OFCC endorsed reps voted against HB45:
5 R Gerald Stebelton
7 D Kenny Yuko
20 D Nancy Garlan
47 D Teresa Fedor
61 D Mark Okey

"Buckeye Firearms Association can report that McKenney answered our 2010 candidate survey just as did Rep. Matt Lundy (D), who BFA recently exposed for having lied on his 2010 candidate survey by promising to vote for the legislation in order to win a good grade and an endorsement, only to reverse course within weeks after being in office." To this all I can say is - Give'em the boot!

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It Passed!

HB45 and HB54 being voted on today!

To tune in go to:
Next Live Event :
Ohio House Session
May 11, 2011 - 01:30 PM

Here is the projected votes. Thanks Anomaly for putting this together.

I will be posting updates here after 1:30 to see let you all know what's going on.
Photos to come
1:37pm- Tuned in.
1:47pm - HB54 vote called for and Rep. Maag is speaking in favor of passage.
1:54pm - HB54 78 yes 18 nos -Bill PASSED
1:55pm - HB45 called for vote and Rep. Johnson is speaking in favor of passage.
2:05pm - Rep. Weddington speaking against the bill.
2:09pm - Rep. McKenney called for amendment to strip alcohol provisions from this bill. He seems to be switching sides fromhow he is listed in reptracker. Vote him out!
2:21pm - Rep. Sykes is speaking against the bill. Vote him out!
2:27pm - Rep. Patmon is speaking against the bill, and concealed carry as a whole. Vote him out!
2:30pm - Rep. Bubp is speaking in favor of the bill, and against the amendment.
2:38pm - The amendment was laid on the table missed the vote count.
2:39pm - Rep. Celeste is adding an amendment to OPT-IN to allow carry on premises where a "D" permit exists.
2:42pm - Rep. Carney is speaking about jobs complaining about guns. Vote him out!
2:45pm - Rep. Wachtmann is ripping on Rep. Carney, and speaking in favor of the bill with no amendment.
2:48pm - Rep. Johnson urges defeat of amendment.
2:49pm - Rep. Okey is speaking about putting signs in windows and boycotts. Seems like he is not in favor of this amendment. He is also saying that the BFA was intimidating the reps, and mentions the article about Lundy. "Buckeye Firearms you don't own my vote! "He is voting no. Vote him out!
2:57pm - Amendment laid on table - 62 yes missed the nos
2:58pm - Rep. Martin is speaking in favor of the bill, and Quoting Nikki Goeser.
3:09pm - Rep. Foley moves to amend, that bartenders need to be trained on citizen's arrests. He is brining up MAIG, FOP, and the ORA. And he is voting no on the bill. Vote his dumbass out!
3:16pm - 23 to 70 amendment defeated.
3:17pm - Rep. Gonzales is speaking in favor of the bill.
3:19pm - Rep. Patmon is spewing BS again, about talking in movie theaters, and appears to be attempting to bring up an amendment. But was denied.
3:22pm - Rep. Uecker is speaking in favor of the bill.
3:27pm - Rep. Williams is moving to amend.
3:32pm - 32 63 amend defeated
3:33pm - Rep Heard moves to amend about open air stadiums and is speaking against the bill and education and employment.
3:36pm - Rep Gonzales speaks against amendment.
3:37pm - 60 34 amendment laid on table
3:38pm - Rep Patmon is trying to amend.
3:40pm - Rep. Thompson speaks in opposition of the amendment.
3:42pm - 63 32 amendment tabled
3:43pm - Rep. Macklenborg speaking in favor of the bill!
3:46pm - Rep. Bubp speaking again.
3:53pm - Vote Called - 56 yes 39 no WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO

Friday, May 6, 2011

Like a good neighbor...

This is the type of neighbor we should all be.

"A neighbor heard the commotion, police said, and engaged the three suspects in gunfire, striking two, as they exited the home." Too bad he didn't get all three. If I heard gunshots in my neighbors home I would definitely call 9-1-1 and be a good witness, if I saw these man fleeing from the scene I would have dropped them. Officer, They were a threat to me as they just shot my neighbor. I want to write this guy a letter and ask him to be my neighbor. He's way better than one set of neighbors I have. Be a good neighbor!

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The only disturbance...

I was glad to read this article today. I wondered how this was going to turn out when I first read about this late last year. This is awesome news for Wisconsin as well as the 5 men involved.

This is why grassroot organizations are a wonderful thing to support!

""The only disturbance created on that Saturday evening was by a mass of uniformed Madison police officers and squads arriving to investigate law-abiding citizens having dinner," said Christopher Van Wagner, a defense attorney hired by Wisconsin Carry, Inc. to defend the men." Best quote ever!

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

The "Buckeyes" need to follow the "Volunteers".

Happy Birthday to this law! The "volunteer" state passed an almost identical law to "buckeye's" HB45. Let's get this passed and in a year nobody will even talk about this issue anymore. It will be forgotten like almost everything else that becomes law. Remember the "no Smoking in bars" issue from a few years ago? Most poeple dont remember all the hooplah about it.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Gun used to kill OBL is now in high demand.

It appears the gun used to kill OBL is now in high demand. The Sig Sauer P226 is a nice firearm, maybe I should get me one! Maybe one of my readers would like to donate one to me. I like that idea!

Full story...

Silly LEO guns and alcohol don't mix!

This is why LEOS do not want anyone with a CHL to be able to be in a bar. Only problem is this guy IS a LEO. Silly LEO guns and alcohol don't mix! I will agree with anyone anti or not who says Guns and alcohol don't mix. If I am carrying I wont drink, If I decide to drink I will not carry. I almost never consume alcohol anyways, but that is not the point. This guy needs to have the book thrown at him mutiple times. He pointed his gun at the bartender. WTF? He violated at least 3 of the 4 rules of gun safety:
Rule # 1
Treat all guns as if they are loaded.

Rule # 2
Never let the muzzle of a gun point at anything you do not want to destroy or kill.

Rule # 3
Keep your finger straight and off the trigger.

Rule # 4
Be absolutely sure of your target, and what is behind it.

I could not tell if his finger was on the trigger, but, it probably was.

Had this guy been sober he probably would not even have thought about touching his sidearm.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The guy on the nickel...

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
~Thomas Jefferson (The guy on the nickel)

Had to share this quote with you.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Maybe he was packing one of these!

With or without the new amendments to the concealed carry law this guy still commited a crime.

"VERMILION, Ohio -- A 41-year-old Vermilion man was arrested late Tuesday for carrying a gun while drunk and walking down the middle of a street.

This has happend before the passing of HB45 and will contiue after it passes. This man should be put away for a long time. This is why people are scared to pass hb45 this guy was not as conceald carry license holder, from what I can tell, and now he never can be. This is exactly what will continue to happen people who are illegally carring a firearm are going to do it wherever they want sign or no sign law or no law. I really want this bill to be passed and see how many of these "scared" restaurant owners post signs. Those that do will no longer recieve any of my hard earned money. Those that do not will be rewarded by 250,000+ CHL holders that are more than happy to patronize an establishment wile carrying.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to Walmart!

Walmart announced recently that it is bringing firearms back to hundreds of stores, meaning almost half of the retailer's 3,600 locations will sell shotguns and rifles.

I buy a bunch of ammo from walmart because it’s the cheapest around so why not a shotgun or 2 for home defense. I’d like to see them start carrying handguns in all the stores, I bet they could leverage a hell of a deal on Glocks or Rugers.

I saw a Ruger Mini 14 this weekend at walmart not too bad of a price IIRC.

Seeing as walmart is already the biggest firearm and ammunition vendor in the country, why not get larger.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

Thank you Eddie!

This is how all childern should be around firearms. I know my son is this way. When I made the decision to start carrying a firearm I taught him how to act around them. he is to stop; don’t touch; leave the area; tell an adult. He does this perfectly. Thank you Eddie!

Piece be with you!