Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Maybe he was packing one of these!

With or without the new amendments to the concealed carry law this guy still commited a crime.

"VERMILION, Ohio -- A 41-year-old Vermilion man was arrested late Tuesday for carrying a gun while drunk and walking down the middle of a street.

This has happend before the passing of HB45 and will contiue after it passes. This man should be put away for a long time. This is why people are scared to pass hb45 this guy was not as conceald carry license holder, from what I can tell, and now he never can be. This is exactly what will continue to happen people who are illegally carring a firearm are going to do it wherever they want sign or no sign law or no law. I really want this bill to be passed and see how many of these "scared" restaurant owners post signs. Those that do will no longer recieve any of my hard earned money. Those that do not will be rewarded by 250,000+ CHL holders that are more than happy to patronize an establishment wile carrying.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

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