Wednesday, May 11, 2011

HB45 and HB54 being voted on today!

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May 11, 2011 - 01:30 PM

Here is the projected votes. Thanks Anomaly for putting this together.

I will be posting updates here after 1:30 to see let you all know what's going on.
Photos to come
1:37pm- Tuned in.
1:47pm - HB54 vote called for and Rep. Maag is speaking in favor of passage.
1:54pm - HB54 78 yes 18 nos -Bill PASSED
1:55pm - HB45 called for vote and Rep. Johnson is speaking in favor of passage.
2:05pm - Rep. Weddington speaking against the bill.
2:09pm - Rep. McKenney called for amendment to strip alcohol provisions from this bill. He seems to be switching sides fromhow he is listed in reptracker. Vote him out!
2:21pm - Rep. Sykes is speaking against the bill. Vote him out!
2:27pm - Rep. Patmon is speaking against the bill, and concealed carry as a whole. Vote him out!
2:30pm - Rep. Bubp is speaking in favor of the bill, and against the amendment.
2:38pm - The amendment was laid on the table missed the vote count.
2:39pm - Rep. Celeste is adding an amendment to OPT-IN to allow carry on premises where a "D" permit exists.
2:42pm - Rep. Carney is speaking about jobs complaining about guns. Vote him out!
2:45pm - Rep. Wachtmann is ripping on Rep. Carney, and speaking in favor of the bill with no amendment.
2:48pm - Rep. Johnson urges defeat of amendment.
2:49pm - Rep. Okey is speaking about putting signs in windows and boycotts. Seems like he is not in favor of this amendment. He is also saying that the BFA was intimidating the reps, and mentions the article about Lundy. "Buckeye Firearms you don't own my vote! "He is voting no. Vote him out!
2:57pm - Amendment laid on table - 62 yes missed the nos
2:58pm - Rep. Martin is speaking in favor of the bill, and Quoting Nikki Goeser.
3:09pm - Rep. Foley moves to amend, that bartenders need to be trained on citizen's arrests. He is brining up MAIG, FOP, and the ORA. And he is voting no on the bill. Vote his dumbass out!
3:16pm - 23 to 70 amendment defeated.
3:17pm - Rep. Gonzales is speaking in favor of the bill.
3:19pm - Rep. Patmon is spewing BS again, about talking in movie theaters, and appears to be attempting to bring up an amendment. But was denied.
3:22pm - Rep. Uecker is speaking in favor of the bill.
3:27pm - Rep. Williams is moving to amend.
3:32pm - 32 63 amend defeated
3:33pm - Rep Heard moves to amend about open air stadiums and is speaking against the bill and education and employment.
3:36pm - Rep Gonzales speaks against amendment.
3:37pm - 60 34 amendment laid on table
3:38pm - Rep Patmon is trying to amend.
3:40pm - Rep. Thompson speaks in opposition of the amendment.
3:42pm - 63 32 amendment tabled
3:43pm - Rep. Macklenborg speaking in favor of the bill!
3:46pm - Rep. Bubp speaking again.
3:53pm - Vote Called - 56 yes 39 no WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO

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