Thursday, May 12, 2011

Give 'em the boot!

Here is how the votes break down for HB45.

If your Rep. voted yes, thank them and vote for them next time.

If your Rep. voted no, let them know how you feel and give'em the boot!

This bill showed us who is really with us and who the Lundy liars are.
The following OFCC endorsed reps voted against HB45:
5 R Gerald Stebelton
7 D Kenny Yuko
20 D Nancy Garlan
47 D Teresa Fedor
61 D Mark Okey

"Buckeye Firearms Association can report that McKenney answered our 2010 candidate survey just as did Rep. Matt Lundy (D), who BFA recently exposed for having lied on his 2010 candidate survey by promising to vote for the legislation in order to win a good grade and an endorsement, only to reverse course within weeks after being in office." To this all I can say is - Give'em the boot!

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog Tom.

    To give an added dimension to these betrayals, I thought I'd look at how each of them voted with respect to the various amendments that tried to kill the bill.

    Stebelton voted in favor of the McKenney amendment that would have stripped restaurant carry from the bill.

    Yuko, Garland, and Fedor voted in favor of every amendment put forth to poison the bill.

    Okey voted in favor of the McKenney amendment, the Celeste 'opt in' amendment, the Foley "sarcastic" amendment, and the Heard amendment (too long, didn't read, but obviously bad).

  2. Yeah I was working on writing up what you replied. I have had a busy weekend.