Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Don't ever let them get close.

On the OFCC Forum a member posted "had to shoot someone on friday" which he posts 2 links to video of the event taken from the gas station's cctv system:

I'm glad he is ok and no charges have been filed against him.
There were 2 aggressors and they are Brandon Turner (the guy that got shot)
and Billy Blackburn Jr.

I could not find a Facebook profile for Brandon but did find one for Billy. and on it he says Photobucket and shows a photo of the wound. I could barely understand his language but he admits he is going to seek vengence.


I'm glad my situation did not call for shots to be fired. I know how this guy was feeling up until the physical attack. Just don't ever let them get close.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

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