Wednesday, June 22, 2011

They would not have needed video.......

Couple’s camera leads to arrest of suspected burglar.

This happened not far from where I live. They would not have needed video if this was my house he came to. They would have had a body or at least a blood trail to follow. "The couple contacted deputies around 2:22 a.m. to report they had been startled awake by a man who entered their bedroom." This would have read much differently had this been my house, it would have read: The couple, who live in Windsor Township, contacted deputies around 2:22 a.m. to report the husband had shot an unknown man who entered their bedroom. There is obviously more to the story, it appears they knew the suspect, as they identified him easily and when questioned the suspect "admitted going to the house but at the invitation of the couple and only to get money he was owed." I will almost bet you somehow drugs are involved, and that the drug was either meth or pot. I doubt there will be much more onthis in the media bu if there is, I will update you.

Be careful out there - even when you think you are safe, you might not be... Piece be with you!

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