Thursday, April 21, 2011

We the sheeple!

This story really got me mad.

Burlington, Mass., police evacuated the Burlington Mall on Tuesday and scrambled the SWAT team, OVER A MAN WITH AN UMBRELLA!!!

Five worried witnesses called in reports of a man strolling around the mall with a rifle. Look for yourself it looks more like a sword to me, or maybe it's a golf club, yeah, thats it! Next time I pass a golf course I'm going to call 911 and report a lot of men walking around in funny looking pants with bags full of rifles and little whte grenades! That's what the US .gov wants they have this whole "See something, Say something" campaign going, they even show short commercials at Wal-Mart check out.

Repeat after me " WE THE SHEEPLE, are willing to give up all rights in order to FEEL safe."

Bullshit! This kind of stupidity needs to stop. I think it is funny where the article says "Back at work, he heard all hell was breaking loose over at the mall, with police and G-men and choppers and all." Really? Choppers?
"He reportedly "feels terrible" about causing all the fuss." Feel sorry for what? Sorry for the fact that sheeple mistook an umbrella that is supposed to look like a sword for a rifle? "State Police spokesman David Procopio said the umbrella did look like a rifle when it was protruding from the man's backpack. He praised those who had reported the man for "being perceptive and vigilant and we are grateful for their call." " My god, help us all!!!

Piece be with you!

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