Thursday, April 21, 2011


This should make you want to stop watching TV!

First of let me say YOU SUCK to the BRADY CAMPAIGN!You're reprehensible! How about a little research? I'm sure you can afford to do at least some minor research!!

If the Brady Campaign did its research, it would realize that overall the nation’s violent crime rate is at a 35-year low.

Groups like the Brady Campaign and others simply have no shame as evidenced by their past actions and this recent

This is a huge bitch-slap to the millions of law-abiding citizens who own weapons for hunting, target-shooting and home defense.

The nut-job responsible for the shooting of Gifford was an unstable psychopath. This shooting was unfortunate and tragic, an entire nation of law-abiding gun owners shouldn’t be painted with the same brush, hell not even the same color as that nut-job.

Their efforts would be more productive if they were targeted at identifying and dealing with mentally ill individuals capable of this type violent acts.

For two decades, the Brady Campaign has been pushing an anti-gun agenda, but thankfully the American people are smart enough to see through its radical rhetoric.

Piece be with you!

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