Sunday, April 24, 2011

COME ON OHIO, get your shit together!!

House should trust Ohioans with guns

Other states fine with concealed weapons in bars.

With people replying like this to the local news, I am having a little more hope for the citizens of Ohio! I would like all of you that read this blog to call your representative and tell them to pass this, or start looking for a new job!

If you walked past me in any given store would you know I was carrying? Would you be scared I was going to shoot someone?

Here's the truth: I never want to have to shoot any human being for any reason! If you try to harm my family or myself, you will have made a fatal mistake the choice was made for me to shoot you the second you chose to harm another. I do not want the PTSD often associated with a defensive shooting. I do not want to explain to my son why I ended the life of another human, or have him have the nightmare he may have if he witnessed the shooting. I carry a firearm for the same reason I have a fire extinguisher in my home and my car, because in the precious moments it would take for police/fire to arrive I can be prepared to protect my home from fire or my family from harm. I do not drink, if I go out to eat with my family I do not even desire alcohol, I should be allowed to protect my family, no matter where we are. The way the law is written now, in order to go to any RESTAURANT that serves alcohol I have to leave my firearm(s) in the car, what if a thief steals my firearm and walks into the restaurant? WHAT? A person would actually walk in there, doesn't he know that is a felony? Now he sits has a drink settles his nerves and starts to shoot you and /or your family and the employees? Somebody help!!!!! Had I been armed I could have defended you and possibly ended the encounter after the first shot had been fired.

HAD I BEEN ALLOWED TO CARRY, this situation would never had happened because my firearms would have been with me, and only My GPS may have been stolen.

COME ON OHIO, get your shit together!!

Piece be with you!


  1. maybe you don't drink but the majority does and i don't want a drunk with a gun in a restaurant, bar or anywhere else nor do i want a hot head with a twitchy trigger finger anywhere near me. I personally know a psychotic idiot who has a ccw permit. go play with guns on the range and keep them at home for personal protection and by all means do not let your son get your gun and wind up shooting someone in another tragedy

  2. mace is just as effectiveand nobody dies

  3. Rene, I'm sure you have factual proof to show "the majorty does", right? You do know it will (still) be a felony to be armed and have one drink, don't you? That is, unless you are a part of the FOP, they can be (il)legally intoxicated while armed. All law enforcement are trustworthy, right?

    43 states in the US allow this. Every single state surrounding Ohio does. Guess how many "drunken shootouts" there have been? None by CCW holders.

    As far as mace being as effective, I truly hope you wake from your dream world soon. Look at the number of rape victims who had pepper spray then look at the number that had handguns...guess which works better.

  4. Im going to go with what turningthepage said, mace isnt as effictive as handguns, with all the drugs that are out there that the "crazy" people use, they might not feel it when hit with it. If you have the handgun on you and then shoot the person coming after you I do belive that they might not be getting up in the morning.