Thursday, September 8, 2011

Something just doesn't seem right.

The following is an e-mail that I will not name the place, other than it happened in East Cleveland.

Security has notified us of the following information:

At approximately 8:45 AM this morning, two REMOVED employees were robbed at gunpoint. The employees left the REMOVED campus on their break and were sitting in an SUV, which was parked off-campus along a side street, approximately two blocks away. While on their break, a young man in his twenties approached the car, robbed them at gunpoint and then fled. The employees returned to campus and reported the incident. No one was physically injured. The REMOVED Police and REMOVED Police Departments are investigating the crime.

The Department of Protective Services would like to remind all employees to always observe the following safety practices:

Be aware of your surroundings at all times.
If for some reason you find that you need to park/stop off-campus, always try to stop in a busy, well-lit area with clear lines of sight.
Take advantage of the secure and convenient parking provided at all REMOVED locations.
If you see something that seems suspicious or out of place, immediately move to a safe area and report it, whether it is on or off-campus.

The REMOVED Police Department is available to help 24 x 7

Had the employees that were robbed been armed and stopped the robbery or ended the robbers career early, would have been fired. They would have been fired for having a firearm in the vehicle while on the employers property. See related story here.

Aside from the facts stated above, something just doesn't seem right. I think these employees may have been up to no good. Why would you drive 2 blocks away from work and park on the side of the road during your break?? This facility has free parking so it's not that. Hmmmm... maybe they were looking for narcotics? East Cleveland Aint the safest place to park and take a break.

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