Friday, September 16, 2011

Silly girl, good guys have guns too!

Had an iffy OC experience at Arby's today. The employees were going to call 911. I went to refill my beverage, right next to 2 uniformed officers who didn't seem not notice my Glock. Once I returned to my seat I heard the girl at the counter very loudly say "That Guy has a gun!" Another employee said "is he robbing us?" She said "no it's just on his hip" Someone suggested calling 911 so I just left.

Things to ponder on:
1. I have open carried here many times with Law Enforcement present (This seems to be a preferred lunch stop for LEO)
2. I was OCing when I ordered and this same girl didn't notice.
3. If I was going to do something criminal why would I refill my beverage less than 5 feet from two officers while open carrying?

Sent an email to the GM and Arby's Corporate. I really did not feel welcomed and will be reluctant to return.

I got a voicemail from the Franchise owner.
I called him back.
It turns out that he has his CHL, as does the general manager. The owner was very nice and apologized repeatedly for the employees actions. He asked me a few questions about open carry and is sending me gift cards. If you are ever in Chardon Ohio stop in and open carry at Arby's.

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