Friday, March 16, 2012

Hell Yeah! Important Pro-Gun Legislation to be Introduced in the Ohio House

Hell Yeah!

State Representative Terry Johnson (HD-89) will soon be introducing important legislation to address several problems with current gun laws by:

Establishing an automatic reciprocity between Ohio and other states that have automatic reciprocity for their concealed handgun licenses. Currently, the Attorney General must enter into a written agreement with another state to establish reciprocity. This bill would still allow for written agreements between the states if the other state does not have automatic reciprocity, but it eliminates the requirement for a written agreement if reciprocity can occur automatically by operation of law.
Eliminating the renewed competency certification requirement for concealed carry licenses. Currently, after the first renewal of your concealed handgun license, you must submit proof of renewed competency to show that you are range competent for all subsequent renewals. This bill would make it so that you can simply show your existing or expiring license or your original competency certificate as proof that you have had the necessary training for all renewals.
Changing the definition of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Currently, a firearm is considered loaded if a loaded magazine is present in the vehicle, even if the magazine is not inserted into the firearm. This will change the definition so that the magazine must be inserted into the firearm before it is considered loaded.
Defining “Concealed Handgun License” in one section of the revised code and clarifies that the definition applies to all references to a concealed handgun license in the revised code. This will simplify the code and make it easier to read, understand, comply with, and enforce.
Please contact your state Representative and urge him or her to cosponsor this critical legislation and that the deadline to do so is this Tuesday, March 20 by 5:00 pm. Contact information or help identifying your state Representative can be found here.

Ohio and Kansas Sign Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreements

Ohio and Kansas Sign Concealed Carry Reciprocity Agreements\

(COLUMBUS, Ohio) – Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt have signed an agreement permitting reciprocity between their states for citizens who have valid concealed carry permits.

"This agreement between Ohio and Kansas allows Ohioans with valid concealed carry permits the same rights to carry a concealed handgun in the State of Kansas," said Attorney General DeWine. "Likewise, it also allows Kansans who have valid concealed carry permits to do the same in Ohio."

Ohio law permits the Attorney General to enter into written agreements with other states whose laws are "substantially comparable" to Ohio's eligibility requirements for a license to carry a concealed handgun. In Kansas, this authority falls under the state Attorney General's office.

Concealed carry permit holders will be required to comply with all of the other state's laws regarding possession, transportation, storage, and use of concealed weapons and all other applicable laws except those regarding issuance, suspension, revocation and renewal of concealed weapons licenses, which remain within the power of the issuing state.

Each state will make their verification systems available to the other to enable the status of the other state's concealed carry licenses to be checked.

The agreement remains in force unless statutory authority for it is withdrawn by either of the state's legislatures or terminated in writing by either party upon 30 days of notice.

With the addition of Kansas, Ohio now has reciprocity agreements with 23 states.

Friggin NAZIS

Has anyone ever told you that many of our American gun control laws appear to have been copied and pasted out of the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938?

Don't believe me?
Pick up a copy of "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny which was put out by JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership). It has a side by side English translation of the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938 and the U. S. Gun control act of 1968. The Free Republic wrote an article on the subject which is quite interesting.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm not too surprised...

I was concerned about a copy cat type shooting today in a different district.
Can't say the Green High School bomb threat today surprised me. I wouldn't be surprised if they discover the Chardon High Shooter is responsible for the bomb threats called in to the Chardon Courthouse a few weeks ago.

Updated to add a Strongsville Ohio student was using social media to alarm other students that there would soon to be an act of violence committed at the school.

To the Anti-Gun folks

Let me first start this off by saying I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to all those touched by this horrific incident.

Before any anti-gun people start to use this tragic event in Chardon Ohio, as an excuse to try to further ban guns, I would like to point out a few things:
1. It is already illegal for anyone under 21 to buy handguns or handgun ammunition.
2. It is already illegal for anyone under 18 to buy firearms or ammunition.
3. This shooting was done inside of a “Gun Free Zone”, which means it is illegal to have guns in this “Gun Free Zone”.
4. It is illegal to commit crimes with firearms or weapons; actually it is illegal to commit crimes period.
5. Last but not least it is illegal to commit murder!

There were plenty of laws in place that should have prevented this atrocity, but criminal are criminals because they do not have regard for the law.
What the law already says:
It is unlawful to sell a handgun to a person under 21, or any firearm to a person under 18. It is unlawful to furnish any firearm to a person who is under 18 or furnish any handgun to a person under 21, except for lawful hunting, sporting or educational purposes.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I carried in a tavern

So, yesterday at lunch I carried and ate my lunch in a tavern legally. It was a great meal, and, my gun never shot anyone while I was there, take that Toby! Still waiting on my giftcards from the whole Arby's ordeal. NRA processed my certs so I can officially say "I'm an NRA Certified Instructor". Nothing else eventful to blog about really other than the fact that Ohioans can now carry in establishments that serve alcohol. No consumption and you can't go out intoxicated, but I don't drink so that's fine by me. I hope we can get the legislation pertaining to the notification law rolling soon, as this has been a pain to many ohioans.

Stay armed, stay alert, stay safe! -Gun Guy
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