Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shocking Failure To Notify Dash Cam Footage

Ohioans For Concealed Carry has acquired footage from an Ohio Police Department dash board camera recorded during a recent traffic stop where the driver was charged with failure to notify.

This is appalling that law enforcement is acting this way. This officer needs to be fired and forced to publicly apologize to the CHL holder. He should also have to pay a huge settlement to the CHL holder.

This is from a friend of mine in law enforcement:
"It was incredibly stupid of the guy to be picking up strange people at night in the hood, its not illegal by any law I've heard of, cops were fishing hoping to get drugs off the known prostitute and pimp and or get someone to admit to soliciting which by itself is only a misdemeanor 4. Driver should have ignored commands to shut up and told about permit regardless but I can see how he would be intimidated into not. Now pissed off or not there is no reason for the actions of the officer and IMHO he should at minimum be suspended w/o pay for 1-2 months or just fired as he can obviously not control his emotions in the street.. This is the kinda guy that beats cuffed suspects, both of them have piss poor officer safety as well. Arresting officer has obviously never heard of professionalism or the mantra of always acting if one is being recorded at all times. Finally I don't know what revision of the ORC he's been reading but no felony was committed there and he's just being a dick talking about said made up felony. A fun note is if the officers had known about his CCW status from dispatch before making contact and he failed to inform its not even an arrestable offense then, In short f--- those guys their actions would not have been appropriate if the armed citizen had instead been a felon with a huge bag of crack and a stolen gun with the same demeanor."

The story is now on the local fox affiliate:,0,3751036.story

And Fox News:

And Talk Radio:

And a local newspaper:

From the now removed Canton PD FB page:
Chief Dean McKimm
General Information:
Officers of the Canton Police Department abide by six major guiding principles. They are as follows:

1.To be a progressive, proactive organization, dedicated to safety and serving the needs of the community.
2.To be responsive and accountable to the citizens of Canton through the chain of command and the city's administration.
3.To promote the professional and personal growth of each employee throug...h strong, fair, flexible leadership.
4.To create an environment in which employees can attain the highest degree of creativity, productivity and sense of morale.
5.To maintain a spirit of cooperation within the department and between Labor Unions and other representative organizations.
6.To be fair, honest and display common sense in all actions.See More
The mission of the Canton Police Department is to protect the lives and properties of the citizens of Canton, enforce all city, state, and federal laws, prevent crime, and educate the public.

We, the men and women of the Canton Police Department, shall perform these duties with honesty and fairness through strong leadership and continuous training. We will strive to serve as role models for the community, applying professional standards and commitment to integrity, sensitivity and compassion to those we serve.

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